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Starting a men's group

Working with men is strategic, and essential for the growth of the Church in Scotland. The work can be hard, and at times disappointing, for as the Apostle Paul reminds us, our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Eph 6:12 (NIV) But it can also be very rewarding and encouraging, especially when we see men making progress in their faith, and others coming to salvation through trusting in our Lord Jesus Christ


Check out the following Questions:






Is the group to be for men in your church only?


Even if you start with your own men initially, we would suggest that you plan to include men from other churches, and from the area, at some point in the yearly programme.


What is the age range envisaged?


Catering for men of all ages we think is the best plan, if the work is to succeed. However a sub-group of retired men may meet on some occasions separately


How often do you plan to meet?


We recommend that you call a meeting of all the men in your church and ask them how often they would like to meet! Meeting six/eight times per year might be more sustainable than meeting weekly or monthly, unless there is a big demand for such meetings.


What kind of programme do you have in mind?


Working under the banner of Encouraging, Equipping, and Evangelising, gives purpose and direction when organising the programme. See programme suggestions below.


Having decided the answer to question one, the next step is to call a meeting of all men in the church or area. A personal invitation to meet with the other men invariably works much better than an announcement from the pulpit, or an advert in the church magazine, although these can also be deployed. Give plenty for notice of such a meeting.


At the meeting, Outline the statistics showing the decline in church attendance over recent years and show the future forecasts if present trends continue. Then share the vision of what Christian Men Together for Scotland can do to meet this crisis that is facing the church. (CMT can provide a Speaker and Power Point/DVD presentation for this in CD format) Highlight the need for Christian men to take a stand, to take action, which will enable them to be part of a nationwide effort to turn the situation around by God's help. Show what others are doing in their efforts to get men back to church.


Set up a small committee to organise and plan the group's activities. We recommend that you affiliate to Christian Men Together for Scotland as in this way we become part of a nation wide effort, and are also able to call on advice, support and help as we set about the task.


Programme suggestions follow. It should be remembered that not all activities will be suitable for every member, and it is essential therefore that the programme is varied so that everyones needs are accommodated throughout the year.

Outline Programmes

Yearly Programme based on six eight events per year

January to April

May to August

September to December


Men's Breakfast



Men's Bar-be-cue


Men's Breakfast


An each one bring one

Men's Dinner


Five-a-side Football Tournament


Friday Night Supper


Snooker night / Table Quiz



A CMT Projects night

Fund Raising Event for

Mission at Home or abroad



A few starter ideas for the Encouraging events:

Have a Men with something to say event. Invite men from the church who have been involved in mission work, politics, healthcare, or some other project in the community to talk about their experience from a Christian perspective. Five men each talking for seven minutes makes for an interesting evening. It encourages those doing the work, and helps the listeners to think about what they may do as Christians in the community.

Christian Men Together support projects each year, both at home and abroad. An invite to a representative from one of the charities being supportedtogive a talk on their work is a good way to encourage men to become involved in fundraising for one of the projects. Check our website for current programmes.

An Auction night. These can be fun to organise and fun to attend. The fun aspect is most important. Proceeds can go CMT or one of CMTs yearly projects. It is advisable to set a target before the event so that people are inspired to give. (£1000 - £3000 may be appropriate) Many companies and organisations are willing to give to this type of thing as they get the publicity, but are not usually interested if you are only trying to raise a few hundred pounds.

A few starter ideas for the Equipping events:

It is good to have a series of talks over a period of perhaps a few years. A series on The Christian Man can be excellent. Most talks, we suggest, should allow for some group discussion or inter action with the speaker.

  • The Christian Man at Home  Relationships with wife/family; time priorities; family worship - Bible reading and prayer; Internet use  dangers of pornography; financial considerations, credit cards / debt issues, giving to Gods work; Green issues etc.
  • The Christian Man at Work  Integrity, honesty, employer / employee relationships, time balance between work and family, possibilities for Alpha in the Workplace, for a Christmas Carol Service for inviting your Church leader to visit you in your work environment, for a workers Christian Fellowship.
  • The Christian Man at Church  What part do we play in the body of Christ, which is the church? Need for workers, leaders, elders, deacons, visitors, administrators, musicians, visionaries, and planners. This could be done as a network course so that people know their gifting. Eschatology talks and debates  Is Christ coming back as He promised? Are we ready for His coming?
  • The Christian Man and Moral and Social issues  talks from doctors, police and interview with local MPs and councillors. CARE and Evangelical alliance will help here.

 A few starter ideas for the Evangelising events:

  • Social events to which one can bring their friends  Golf, five-a-side football, tennis, snooker, curling, bar-be-cues etc. After these events invites can be given to the next mens dinner or special Church service especially geared for men. The only Christian input at these events will be personal friendship and maybe a Christian magazine or leaflet handed to everyone after the event.
  • Each One Bring One Mens Dinners with an invited after dinner speaker who will tell of what his Christian faith means to him. Supporting programme could include a table quiz over dinner, and a singer, poet or Christian comedian.
  • Special Informal Church Service geared for men. This might mean coming down from the pulpit, forgetting about singing (some non Christian men find singing embarrassing, especially if they dont know the hymns - If singing is included pick hymns that are well known and of the manlysort!).  Having one or two men (preferably one old and one young) speaking about their faith in Christ and what it means to them, and what changes it has brought to their lives, is always powerful. Provide an opportunity for socialising and chat afterwards.

Weekly or monthly programmes

If the group decide on a weekly or monthly programme, then we would recommend that the programme still be based on the Encouraging, Equipping and Evangelising concept.

Obviously there is scope for a much wider range of activities and subjects. Those which could be covered under the Equipping and Encouraging headings are for example, talks on Men of the Faith taken from the Bible. This is a challenging series, and Hebrews chapter eleven gives a good list for getting started.


 If you need help in finding a suitable speaker, or want suggestions re speakers, then contact the office here at anytime. 0141 637 3688

 If your group is small and isolated and you feel unable to invite a speaker to travel to your group there are many excellent DVDs available, which could be used. Top class speakers for the price of a DVD!

Here is a list of some web sites where these can be found. There are many other sites that can be researched simply by searching for Christian DVDs:


  • Faith under Fire Series of DVDs
  • Nooma Series tackling critical questions of life and faith
  • If you want to walk on the water get out of the Boat DVD study

http://www.ucb2go.co.uk/ - A wide range of DVDs

http://www.desiringgod.org/ - John Piper, Don Carson etc.

http://www.cta.uk.com/ - A wide range of DVDs including Christian Sports personalities


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